Legal Consultation

We provide legal consultations regarding all legal persons questions: Legal consultations - civil proceedings, criminal proceedings, extradition, children judical dispute problem solving.

inheritance cases

We help arrange/start inheritance cases, through notary and if there is a need represent in court. We help put in order inheritance cases and also legally register it.

Criminal proceedings

Attorney representation / defense in various criminal cases - in all cities of Lithuania. Representation - during pre-trial investigation. extradition with participation of all Lithuanian cities and UK.

Real estate buying and selling

We mediate with real estate buying and selling questions: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda. We provide various loans providing a deposit for real estate, cars.

Divorce consultations

In cooperation with Lithuania and UK we solve divorce cases, peace agreements and we also take part in proceedings.

civil proceedings

Help regarding divorce proceedings, inheritance cases, children residence establishment, alimony questions/demands, representation in court, peace agreements. Wealth distribution between wedded, we prepare partnership agreements.

Children legal counseling

Determining the child's place of residence, returning children in the event of a family problem, we help with any issues that arise with the child's problems.

About US

The company started its work at 2001 in Lithuania, which i, Regina have graduated from Mykolo Romerio University, the company has an extensive experience in real estate buying and selling​, rent. From 2017 company started working in London and is still expanding its previous work in all of UK.

Work hours

I-V : 9:00-17:00
VI - 10:00-17:00
VII - Closed


SE18 6PB London
Phone: +447749950709

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